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Grand24 XL Green - 1 pack
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Grand24 XL Green - 1 pack
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Sample Volume
6.015” (15.28cm) x 32.65” (82.93cm) (w/ adaptor)
Membrane Area
87.2 ft2 (8.10 m2)

Grand XL Green – Single Use Process Scale Hollow Fiber Cartridges – Easy and Reliable

The Grand XL Green Single Use Hollow Fiber Cartridges, together with the Maximizer Green series, are WaterSep’s largest single use hollow fiber cartridges. Available with a surface area of 15 m2 or 8 m2, the Grand XL Green can process batch volumes up to 1500L of biopharmaceuticals per cartridge.

The Grand XL Green is made with WaterSep’s proven proprietary glycerin free, antifouling, high capacity modified polyethersulfone (m-PES) membrane. No pre-rinse or assembly is needed. The extractable level for WaterSep’s single use cartridges is approximately 80x less than a glycerin conditioned hollow fiber cartridge or cassette membrane, (see Extractables Flush Analysis below). Only a quick buffer equilibration is required and the Grand Green HF cartridges are ready to use.

All Grand Green HF cartridges are available with pore sizes that range from 3K to 750K MWCO and 0.1 µm, 0.2 µm and 0.45 µm which makes them ideal for clarification of cell cultures and fermentation solutions, cell harvest and virus/vaccine suspensions, as well as for the concentration/diafiltration of peptides, enzymes, antibodies, gene therapy products and other proteins.

Both the Grand Green and the Maximizer Green cartridges can be integrated into assemblies with single use sensors, flow meters, pumpheads , aseptic connectors or bags.

The WaterSep Green Line brings single use crossflow filtration plug-and-play from lab to large scale processing.

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