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Hollow Fiber Membranes
The Right Format
Hollow fiber cartridges are a superior format for processing many food, beverage, biopharmaceutical, and industrial fluid streams. The open flow channels are ideal for clarification applications.

Our filters accommodate particle-loaded process streams with significant improvement over traditional cassette, plate and frame and spiral-wound cartridges. Rather than rely on retentate screens that risk particle entrapment WaterSep cartridges avoid dead spots with an open flow path—which also makes cleaning and sanitizing easier and more effective.

In addition, by design, WaterSep filters provide a straightforward scale-up process, going from laboratory volumes to pilot-scale to full manufacturing without a change in materials, fluid-path length, or performance characteristics.

The Right Choice
But even within hollow fiber technology, all products are not alike.

WaterSep offers you a proprietary membrane composition and design that you will appreciate after your first use.

Our membranes are created from a specially-designed PES material and optimized for specific applications by maximizing antifouling properties, product retention, and permeate flow rates.

These modification techniques – perfected after years of applied research in the field – result in measurable performance improvements.

Unmodified, competitive membranes have been known to foul in the presence of starches, oils, lipids, and other "sticky" substances. This leads to low flow rates and shorter service life. In an attempt to overcome these problems, many vendors suggest increasing the membrane area. The drawback of this approach becomes a need for larger systems and consequently higher processing costs.

For further information on hollow fiber performance in specific applications, please click here.

For help in selecting a hollow fiber filter for your application, please click here.

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